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Helpful Hints

Interviewing Tips: Back in Touch – Ask the interviewer when s/he expects to get back to you on a decision. Close! Let the employer know how you feel about the position. If you are excited about the job express it in no uncertain terms: Example-”I am very excited about joining your team and I hope I have your recommendation for the position.”

Get Everyone’s Business Card – Before you leave, be sure to get the business cards of all of the people with whom you visited. If you cannot do that, ask a secretary for their names and e-mail addresses.

Thank the Interviewer – Verbally thank the interviewer for taking the time to interview you, before leaving. Within a day, send thank-you letters to all of the interviewers with whom you spoke. This does not need to consist of a written letter sent via snail mail; an e-mailed thank-you works just as well.

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Hot jobs

Pick of the week! Technical Service Manager Refinery process chemicals-see job listing number #1794.

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Title: Business Manager
Market: Pharmaceutical/Biotech
Salary: $140,000.00+25%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Major Cosmetic Companies
Salary: $145,000.00+%

Title: Associate Business Director
Market: Major Pharma
Salary: $180,000.00+%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Oil and Gas
Salary: $100,000.00+%

Title: New Business Development Manager
Market: Rubber, Plastics, Compunders
Salary: $120,000.00+%

Title: Business Development Executive - API
Market: Pharmaceurtical
Salary: $150,000.00+open ended bonus.

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