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January 19th, 2019

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Defining accomplishments on your resume….

Defining accomplishments on your resume…

How did you generate profits or save your employer money

For Sales:

Increase in:
Sales territory volume
Account base
Territory profits
Percentage increase over previous year
Awards based on sales performance (cite the numbers)
Increase in new accounts
Increase in market share
Getting back lost customers and examples of the specific results.


Patents and the monetary results for the employer and the marketplace.
Troubleshooting or solving a problems with a product that saved your employer money.
Developing a new product that resulted in an increase in sales or market share.
Worked with sales and marketing to commercially develop a new product that resulted in saving the company money or increasing sales.

Quality Chemist/Managers:

Performing at 100% FDA compliance, define a project that resulted in zero defects, scrap reduction, waste reduction, projects on time, materials 100% utilized, conformance percentages, reduced costs.


Did you design a new product that increased sales? Did  you redesign a product that resulted in a cost saving of x amount as well as gain new business? Increase throughput, increase efficiency, reduce time.

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Title: Business Manager
Market: Pharmaceutical/Biotech
Salary: $140,000.00+25%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Major Cosmetic Companies
Salary: $145,000.00+%

Title: Associate Business Director
Market: Major Pharma
Salary: $180,000.00+%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Oil and Gas
Salary: $100,000.00+%

Title: New Business Development Manager
Market: Rubber, Plastics, Compunders
Salary: $120,000.00+%

Title: Business Development Executive - API
Market: Pharmaceurtical
Salary: $150,000.00+open ended bonus.

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