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December 11th, 2018

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Congratulations to Peter Mondolfi the new Director of Business Management with Dottikon.

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“Working with Al Abrusia was an absolute pleasure.  Not only was he extremely professional, he provided excellent advice and guidance throughout both the interview and hiring process.  I would definitely work with Al again and recommend him to anyone looking to advance their career.”

Kate Bratton-Market Develpment Specialist

Emery Oleochemicals.


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Wishing all my clients and candidates who I have been so fortunate to work with a healthy, happy and prosperous 2013!

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A Candidate’s Guide to Working with Recruitment Consultants

A Candidate’s Guide to Working with Recruitment Consultants: Far from being a passive way of looking for a new job, getting the most out of working with a recruitment agency requires input from the candidate’s side too. Agencies will give you access to industry knowledge, market information and jobs that aren’t advertised directly, as well as support and advice with your general career management. We have included some generic advice here in relation to what to do and what not to do to enable a recruitment agency to assist you in the most effective and efficient way. Send an email and ideally include the reference number of the role that you are applying for.Keep your CV format simple, ideally using ‘Word’, so that the reruitment agency can upload it into their system easily. If suggestions are made around improving your CV then take the feedback on board and make the amendments.Have a short summary of what skills you have that make you marketable, what achievements you have that make you stand out from your peer group and be very clear about what type of role you want. You should also be flexible. A good recruiter will suggest roles that you hadn’t thought about and that could be ideal for you, while remaining in the parameters that you have originally stipulated. For the full article: (Source Recruting Blogs)

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I have worked with Marie Lombardo for many years now.  She is a true professional and knowledgeable but mostly, she is a people person.  She is concerned about her clients and wants to make sure that there is a right fit when filling positions.  If you have questions, Marie will find the answer for you.  I am selective about what recruiters I deal with and I work with Abrusia & Associates because of Marie Lombardo.

Pat Lee: Account Manager, Croda

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It was a great pleasure working with Al Abrusia and his team.  His industry knowledge and ability to prepare myself throughout the interviewing process highly surpasses any other recruiter I have worked with.  Al consistently provided me with prompt updates and had always made himself available for any questions or concerns I may have had.  I strongly recommend Al Abrusia to anyone who desires to enhance their career.

Best Regards,

Joe Liptock

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I have dealt with a fair number of Recruiters over the years both as a Manager as well as a job-seeker, but I have never worked with a more thorough, engaged, savvy, honest and helpful Recruiter than Al Abrusia. Almost immediately, I felt as though I was Al’s only client—and that the position sought was his whole focus. In a sense, it was. Al provided something that few Recruiters bother to do: feedback from an interview. This allowed me to tweak and adjust valid points—which carry through in validity for all situations. Al ran the laps on the process from start to finish. I would heartily recommend Al Abrusia’s services to any serious job-seeker seeking a trustworthy, consistently helpful advocate.


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“Whether you’re looking to hire the best candidate for your position or secure that position, Al Abrusia is a true, caring professional recruiter who guides you through the entire process and acheives results. ”

Teresita Couso:Account Manager, Nexeo Solutions

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“Al is one of the best recruiters I have had the pleasure to work with.  He is very detail oriented.  He took the time to review and understand my professional background and made sure the position he matched me with was a good fit.  His communication with me was top notch (even making sure I had all my information by calling me on Friday at 5:00pm). Al Abrusia reviewed everything with me before each interview, assuring that I had all the pertinent information covered.  He also followed up quickly with me after every interview to make sure everything went well.  I would recommend Al to any professional searching for a great recruiter.”

Thanks Al, 

Tom Kaczka-Account Manager, Lubrizol Incorporated

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I very much appreciate your assistance in positioning me with Emery Oleochemicals. You were especially helpful when we were in the “red zone” attempting to close on an agreement based on their offer of a position. Your experience and advice were invaluable. We scored the best deal for Emery and me.

Mark Schmidt

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Title: Business Manager
Market: Pharmaceutical/Biotech
Salary: $140,000.00+25%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Major Cosmetic Companies
Salary: $145,000.00+%

Title: Associate Business Director
Market: Major Pharma
Salary: $180,000.00+%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Oil and Gas
Salary: $100,000.00+%

Title: New Business Development Manager
Market: Rubber, Plastics, Compunders
Salary: $120,000.00+%

Title: Business Development Executive - API
Market: Pharmaceurtical
Salary: $150,000.00+open ended bonus.

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