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January 19th, 2019
Setting Up A "vCard" Formatted Business Card


The "vCard" format is an easy way to send others the information that's typically on a business card. Once a person receives your vCard formatted business card they can quickly and easily add your name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, etc. into their computer's address book. This makes it easier for them to contact you in the future.

Creating a vCard

If you are using Microsoft's Address Book, just create an address book entry for yourself with the "Name" and "Business" tab pages filled out.

You can use the "Other" tab page for any notes you might want to include (like the industries, positions, locations you are interested in). If you include any sensitive job search related information on the "Other" tab page you should make a separate address book entry for yourself that has this data. Otherwise you might inadvertently send out information that most others shouldn't see (some e-mail programs will automatically send out whatever address book entry you specify).

In Microsoft Outlook Express 5, from the Tools menu select Options. On the "Compose" tab page, in the "Business Cards" area you'll see the sentence "Include my business card when creating new messages".

Make sure the Mail checkbox is checked. Select your name from the drop-down list. (Note: the Mail checkbox has to be checked in order to use the drop-down list of address book entries). You can click the Edit button to see the address book entry you'll be using.

if you don't want to automatically have your business card included with all new e-mails, you can now un-check the Mail checkbox.

Attaching a vCard

If you un-checked the Mail checkbox in Outlook Express' Tools | Options | Compose Tab page then you have to manually attach your business card to send it to someone (like Abrusia & Associates).

Create a new e-mail message.

From the "Insert" menu select "My Business Card". You'll see a little "rolodex card" icon appear in the upper right corner of the New Message e-mail window to show that your business card is now attached.

If you decide for some reason that you don't want to send your business card with a particular message just re-select Insert | My Business Card. The check mark next to this menu item and the little "rolodex card" icon in the upper right corner will disappear.

What the recipient will see

When your email with its business card arrives, the recipient will see a little "rolodex card" icon in their email window.

If they click the icon, a window will open showing your business card information. Clicking another button then adds all your information to their address book. Test out your business card by sending it to yourself first. Make sure that the card is correct and has only the information you want others to see.


Title: Business Manager
Market: Pharmaceutical/Biotech
Salary: $140,000.00+25%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Major Cosmetic Companies
Salary: $145,000.00+%

Title: Associate Business Director
Market: Major Pharma
Salary: $180,000.00+%

Title: Account Manager
Market: Oil and Gas
Salary: $100,000.00+%

Title: New Business Development Manager
Market: Rubber, Plastics, Compunders
Salary: $120,000.00+%

Title: Business Development Executive - API
Market: Pharmaceurtical
Salary: $150,000.00+open ended bonus.

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